Publication Category: Streamlining organisation design

Nobody loves the HR team (or finance, or legal, or comms). What’s wrong with group HQ functions, and how do we fix them?

How many of us ever welcome a meeting set up by the group centre? The number of HQ functions has been growing, and so is their power and influence. But only 10% of companies are happy with the performance of these teams. Are group functions doing everything they can and what is the best way for leaders to help group functions to support the business? What role should the CEO play? We summarise what little research there is.

Cost cutting for growth and resilience

Taking advantage of an era of uncertainty. “Reducing costs without a growth strategy is like driving into a carwash with the convertible top down”. What we can learn from recent recessions about the smart way to cut costs – when you have to. This is all about creating the right leadership focus on the right markets, service lines and customers.

Getting the right size and design of HQ: bigger may be better?

Despite accepted wisdom that the leaner and meaner the corporate centre the better, recent evidence show high performance companies are more likely to have a stronger (and slightly bigger) HQ. Three roles for an HQ and six steps to establishing the right centre.