Publication Category: Making better business-critical decisions

Time alone and time together

Getting your leadership team to make strategic decisions well. Nobel-prize science now proves it – some of the best strategic insights come to you in the shower. Intuition and analysis work together in ‘intelligent memory’. How to break strategic decisions up into practical stages with different approaches for teamwork or individual thinking in each.

Decide and deliver

Decide and deliver, a book from a Bain team. Strong research basis shows how effective approaches to decision-making improve business performance. A decision-making scoreboard (based on a precise Bain-like formula), plus five steps to improve decision-making capabilities in your leadership team and organisation.

Harnessing uncertainty to make faster, better decisions

As a leader your time is squeezed – it is not easy making room for better decisions. But in turbulent and uncertain times your organisation will be more open to doing things differently, as survival or success cannot be taken for granted. This is a platform for engaging the team in smarter decisions and better delivery.