Publication Category: Improving growth and speed

Uncertainty is also an opportunity

That we can learn from recessions to accelerate performance. “I thought about the recession and decided not to take part”. Four research-based themes for sustaining future growth and resilience.

The end of competitive advantage

The end of competitive advantage a book by Columbia professor Rita Gunther McGrath challenges head on Porter’s classic approach to strategy and argues we are now in a world of ‘transient advantage’. Based on research of businesses who sustain annual growth over a decade, this Brief focuses on leadership and organisational characteristics of being an agile fast-moving company.

A sense of urgency

A sense of urgency, John Kotter’s book on why urgency is the most powerful business tool of all. How a leader can behave with urgency, how to spot a false sense of urgency and how to create a true one in your organisation.

Freshly baked clothes

Zara as a case history of fast response, pace and delivery. The multinational fashion retailer with a streamlined business model designed entirely around speed of response – leading to sector-beating profitable growth.

Strategic speed: mobilise people, accelerate execution

Strategic speed: Mobilse people, accelerate execution by Davis, Frechette and Boswell – a book about putting people at the heart of delivering ‘speed to value’ (how long it takes until an initiative or new strategy adds value, not how fast until it is executed). Four essential practices for leaders to streamline, simplify and increase speed across their organisation – and the ‘strategic speedometer’ of people issues.

Redraw your mental map, or fail

Be agile and responsive in the short-term and stay true to long-term goals and purpose. The upside of turbulence, a book by London Business School professor Donald Sull.  Based on decades of evidence, a practical recipe for leaders to question plans, try ideas and build an ‘agility loop’ for their organisation – and a culture of continual renewal.