Publication Category: Accelerating executive team performance

We must stop meeting like this

There is more than enough data: most meetings are dreadful. We spend 40% of our time in meetings and yet rate over half as ineffective. Organisations have powerful processes to manage money and people, yet do little to manage their most precious resource – time.  We looked at a wide range of evidence and advice to come up with 15 tips for better meetings: a manifesto for better meetings.

Better leadership: learning from the past and the future

Lessons from two books: Hermini Ibarra’s Act Like a Leader and Brian Dive’s Mission Mastery.  Ibarra shows how the requirement of leadership is changing rapidly and old ideas don’t work. Dive shares important 19thC thinking and how badly-applied these ideas have been since.  We summarise both.

Leading in turbulent times

We are never going back to business as usual. Here is advice influenced by the lessons of Ernest Shackleton’s failed but remarkable 1914 Antarctic expedition (among other sources). with five features of leadership for engaging your people and succeeding in tough and unpredictable times.

Managing your time in turbulent times: mission impossible?

As a leader you have all the assets at your disposal – except time. In tough periods it becomes even more important to focus your time and energy on what really matters – in the areas where you can contribute most. Five practical steps plus tips from some well-known CEOs.

Leadership and emotion

The essential difference between emotion and reason is that emotion leads to action while reason leads to conclusions Donald Calne, neuroscientist. Effective leadership through emotion and challenge – but steer clear of fear. A summary of the recent neuroscience and psychology.

Learn to be more of a monk?

Staying focused in a world with too many competing demands: the more senior you are the greater the scarcity of time and bandwidth. And the more it matters. We look at recent research and summarise the practical advice on how to manage this.

Leading for speed

Speed and agility are key to improving revenue, customer loyalty, market share and speed to market. Six ways to overcome the organisational barriers and build the capability for speed.