How we help

We help organisations grow and deliver faster

Many clients are simplifying or shifting their strategies – or they are seeking to accelerate progress. We help ensure they are organised and led for outstanding delivery of that strategy.

Our clients are CEOs, executive team members, unit and function leaders of major multinational commercial organisations, partnerships, large privately owned companies, smaller high-growth companies and big government departments.

Evidence-based analysis

We start by doing some fast and straightforward research and assessment. We already know what the successful characteristics of high-growth companies are. We then need to understand the particular context and needs of the client organisation. We gather new objective evidence and come with a quick analysis of where to focus to improve growth, pace or delivery.

Stay simple, avoid complexity

We are told that our most distinctive feature is that we are particularly good at helping clients become simpler, more focused and clearer. Unlike some other consultancies we do not over-engineer our solutions, or create complexity. Above all we work to transfer our skills and experience to build the capability of your business.

Focus on a small number of areas that will make a difference

Informed by our analysis, we work with clients to confirm what is already working and needs protecting, and what is weaker and needs strengthening. We then agree with the client what issues to address. Typically this involves two or three of these areas:

Improving leadership team structure and performance
Streamlining organisation design (and specialists in stakeholder management & communication teams)
Improving the speed and value of business-critical decisions
Creating a delivery culture throughout the organisation
Clarifying and articulating the ambition and journey for the organisation

Growing and delivering faster can be learnt, at any time

You can move to action in a few weeks.

We can help you develop the right action plan that will permanently shift how the organisation works and remove behaviours that get in the way of delivery.

The outcome will be that business is done faster and better, while improving the leadership team’s capability to carry on working that way.