Faster and better decisions leading to focused execution

The company

Sapphire plc is a large manufacturing company with global reach and a track record in consistent, though modest, profitable growth.

The CEO’s problem

Incoming CEO Max Black wanted to improve long-term growth but saw that decision-making was too slow. New product roll-outs and supply chain changes caused too much debate and were unevenly executed. Despite a mistrust of consultants Black invited us to help.

The work

Through a five week ‘decision-audit’ we identified barriers to effective decision-making: poor executive team process, ineffective communication of outcomes and structural disincentives. We worked with the executive team to make practical improvements and agree explicit new ways to faster decisions (and their execution).

Making it stick

We trained a team of senior managers to run workshops to mobilise the top 1000 to improve the quality, speed and execution of decisions. The Sapphire executive monitored a big improvement in the speed to market of long-desired new product development and organisation changes, which led directly to top and bottom line growth.

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