A quick health-check to identify priorities for growth

The company

Emerald Corp. is a niche multinational manufacturing company that had delivered many years of successful growth in profit – by cutting costs more than rising sales.

The CEO’s problem

The question on CEO Jo Brown’s mind was: how to mobilise her executive team to sustain growth in the next five years.

The work

Brown did not normally allow consultants into Emerald but we offered a light-touch, six-week piece of work to help her executive team identify and unite around a small number of priorities. Based on our ground-breaking research into the characteristics of high-growth companies, we interviewed the executive members and ran an online survey among managers. All of this allowed us to help the Emerald team quickly identify three priority actions around their R&D, clarifying sources of growth and reducing the number of initiatives.

Making it stick

The work galvanised the top team to take action. With the benefit of objective evidence, the right discussion and a process for turning decisions into action, three working groups of executive members implemented rapid changes.

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