Bringing to life a radical new strategy, to mobilise the organisation

The business

Diamond n.v. was a business-to-business services company that had once led their market but had lost their way. The result was business performance aimed at defending market share and profit rather than seeking growth.

The CEO’s problem

CEO Jacques Cerise had developed a strong new strategy but had little confidence that it would be embraced and delivered by leaders across the business given the degree of change it involved.

The work

We designed a process to communicate, engage and mobilise people throughout the business. We provided tools, practical ideas, coaching and support to an implementation group who led the task.

Making it stick

Among the practical outcomes was a high-profile and creative way of articulating the new Diamond strategy – so that absolutely everyone got it, as well as quick changes to a range of processes (especially decisions on innovation and investment) and an upgrade to their communication effectiveness. As a result, the company moved quickly to a new, more profitable, business model with a significant increase in its ability to grow.

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