A streamlined organisation to grow faster

The company

Amethyst Inc is a rising star services business spreading quickly from its US base. They saw through the recession better than competitors and their new five year plan was to grow 50% to $2bn sales.

The CEO’s problem

CEO Patricia White saw that Amethyst had grown into a complex matrix with too much friction and too much time negotiating with colleagues.

The work

We reviewed the business plan and interviewed 30 leaders on their operating and business models, sources of future growth and identified points of friction. In a series of specially-designed workshops we helped leaders clarify the future shape of the business and streamline the matrix with simpler roles and accountabilities; and created a decision guide based on our tailored draft. We advised CEO White how to reshape the way the executive worked and how the corporate centre supported growth.

Making it stick

The new five year plan, structure and decision guide were introduced at a top 100 conference in Madrid. Through simulation workshops the hundred leaders explored the decision guide, newly defined roles – and then recommended improvements. Amethyst was able to roll out its new structure quickly, deliver two big innovations in half the previous time, and beat its annual plan.

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